Geochemistry Group reported its latest research work in Nature Geosience.

The research team led by Professor Yuichiro Ueno (Tokyo Institute of Technology) of the Geochemistry Group and Professor Matthew Johnson (University of Copenhagen) have jointly published a report in Nature Geoscience where they provided evidence that organic matter in Martian sediments was formed from carbon monoxide (CO) in the atmosphere.

This report has been made public at Nature Geosience on May 9th 2024
Journal: Nature Geoscience
Tittle: Synthesis of 13C-depleted organic matter from CO in a reducing early Martian atmosphere
Authors: Yuichiro Ueno, Johan A. Schmidt, Matthew S. Johnson, Xiaofeng Zang, Alexis Gilbert, Hiroyuki Kurokawa, Tomohiro Usui, Shohei Aoki
DOI :10.1038/s41561-024-01443-z (External site)

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