CO World Related Publishing Fees Support Program

Support for Publication Costs:
The CO world Research Area provides support for publication expenses, including open access expenses, for academic papers related to research results obtained. The conditions for application are as follows

1: The paper must be related to CO world research.
One of the author(s) of the paper must be a representative or a co-leader of the CO world research area.

If you meet these conditions and wish to receive support for publication costs, please send an email to the CO world Secretariat ( where _at_ is “@”) with a copy of your manuscript for submission. Please also include the following information

Name of the journal in which you plan to publish
Expected date of publication
Expected publication cost
Name of principal investigator(s) or subinvestigator(s) to be included as author(s) of the paper
Summary of the results of the CO world research and the reason for requesting support (<300 words)

The CO world secretariat and the project team will decide whether to accept or reject the application.
Please note that at the time of application, support for publication costs is not guaranteed.

Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas(A)
Publicly Offered Research

Transformative Research Areas (A) is open for Publicly Offered Research applications. For details see at the link below.
MEXT : Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan